PR Vintage Pillowcases w Lavender White Crochet Lace, Tubing

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New old stock, never used pair of vintage pillowcases embellished with lavender and white crocheted lace. Made of crisp, white cotton pillow tubing, which means no side seams, and measuring about 31 inches long and 21 inches wide.

Please note: These pillow cases are crisp and clean. BUT some spots remain on the backside of one pillowcase, which are not visible on the frontside of the pillowcase. The only way I could get the spots to photograph was by holding the pillowcase up to a lighted window. The very last photo depicts what is seen when held up to the window. The second to last photo shows a closeup of the biggest spot just laying flat, and not in front of a lighted window. It's barely visible. I do not know what caused this, or if it can be removed at all. This item is AS IS.