Vintage Table Linens

A collection of vintage table linens from the 1920's to the 1960's. Vintage tablecloths, napkins, cocktail napkins, and placemats. Printed vintage tablecloths; Wilendur, Startex, Simtex, Broderie, Marlene Linens, and more. Marghab and Madeira linens - all hand embroidered in Madeira Portugal can be found here, as well as damask and Turkey Red linens. The majority of these linens have been restored and are in crisp, clean condition; all ready for your immediate use. Linens found unused, with their original labels in tact, will be sold as such to preserve their value as collectibles. These linens might have age related toning or storage scuffs which should clean up fine in a first wash. However, any linens with extensive storage stains will be cleaned to assure the overall integrity of each item. Flaws of any kind will be disclosed in the item description, along with photos whenever possible.

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