Memories are the threads that connect us to our past. As a textile collector, the threads are real, and the tablecloths, hankies, and other linens that are carefully procured and restored are a testament to my own story.

Over the years, my grandmothers gave me gifts of handkerchiefs for all occasions. These are the memories that motivate me to find similar pieces of the past. Often, I have purchased linens from estates where the owner had saved these items for use "some day" rather than enjoying the privilege of using them for their intended purpose. These were often gifts waiting for use at that special occasion that never comes.

Combing through forgotten fabrics, you get a sense of what is well made, and worth the purchase. Sometimes the difference is very obvious, and I have heard people say "They don't make them like this anymore." Whether it's pillowcases, tea towels, tablecloths, hankies --it doesn't matter what. They just don't make them with the same quality linen, cotton, or fabric. Similar items made today are mass produced, and are of lesser quality. The quality of older fabrics can not easily be matched today, because they were so much more labor-intensive.

It gives me so much joy when I see all the beautiful fabrics, the designs, and the choices that accessorize our person and our home. I hope people will use their finest linen items rather than saving them for that "some day" that may never come.

Gypsy Rosalie's Trousseau is located in South Eastern Pennsylvania.