Printed Textiles and Linens

Vintage tablecloths, kitchen tea towels, and similar items are what I mean by "printed textiles & linens". You know... the kind our grandmothers and great grandmothers used everyday, and the kind they don't make anymore. I can remember my grandmother opening up a brand new box of Duz detergent and pulling out a free kitchen towel. The good ol' days, indeed!

Every textile lover has their own favorite cleaning method and stain removal. I always start with the gentlest cleaning method and work my way up if further cleaning is necessary. Always soak your linens in a large plastic tub or sink, and never use metal containers. Also, it is important to realize that some old stains will never come out. So unless you can live with it, it is best to avoid purchasing badly stained linens.

If there are a few small stains, try using a stain-stick. Leave it on for at least a half hour before soaking. After spot treating, soak your item(s) for a few hours in hot water with your favorite detergent. Although some stains may disappear, others will not. Do not use chlorine bleach, as this will only fade colors on the cloth.