Leacock Madeira Embroider Oval Linen Placemats Napkins, 8 Pc Set

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A stunning set of Leacock hand embroidered Madeira linen placemats & napkins, boasting a border of swirls and eyelets. There are four placemats and four napkins, all still strung together, never used. The linen is off white, and the embroidery is done in an avocado green. Each oval placemat measures about 13x19, and the napkins measure about 17 inches (according to the label) with embroidery all the way around both the napkins and placemats. This set is unused, bow-tied, and still found in its' original gift giving plastic case. There are surface smudges (shown in the photo with the ribbon tie) on the top pieces which will clean up fine in a first wash. All pieces still retain their original label, hand made in Portugal.