Broderie Waiter and Waitress Vintage Tablecloth 48x50

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A rare, but sparsely decorated vintage Broderie tablecloth featuring a waiter and waitress at work. Primary colors of red, yellow, and blue, accented with black on an off white ground. This cloth was found in unused, uncared for condition. It has been restored for the most part, but some minor traces of neglect remain; all of which will sound much worse than it actually is. There are a couple of ghost stains left behind which aren't seen on the cloth unless you know they exist. There is a pinhead sized hole shown in the photo with the penny, and two more on one of the waitress's red dress, which are much smaller than that--more like little pricks (so small that they were missed when photos were taken). Last but not least, one of the selvedged edges is as shown in the very last photo. Made of medium weight cotton, and measuring 48x50. This cloth is in crisp, clean condition and ready for your immediate use.