John Madsen Cherry Vintage Wilendur Tablecloth 55x68

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This vintage Wilendur tablecloth is pre-owned, but never used. One of Wilendur's rarer Cherry patterns designed by John Madsen with rows of plump red cherries on each side, and a center design of blossoms. Made of a crisp, sturdy cotton, and measuring about 55x68. Although never used, this tablecloth has two areas of (minor) concern. One is near the edge, as shown in the photo with the coin. The other is near the center, with similar issues (shown in last photo). Also of note, there is light patina along some fold lines which will wash away in time, or could be remedied with little effort. All of this sounds much worse than it is in person. This cloth was given just a quick soak to see what's what, and that's that. It is clean and ready for your table, should you decide to forgo any further soaking.